Saturday, December 29, 2007

Tea and Biscuits.. Made for Each other..

Tea and Biscuits

Tea and Biscuits,
What a combination,
It seems to be made in heaven,
Every bite is infinitely better when dipped in tea,
why it so happens is still a mystery,
be it Bourbon, Monaco or the omnipresent Parle G,
its something to dip a biscuit in tea..

Accidents do occur, its heartbreaking to see ur biscuit break in half,
but such is life, and thats why its best to forget about it with a laugh :)
No matter how many u eat, there is always a crave for some more,
and that is precisely what keeps happy the nearby kirane wala store :)

This was the story of Biscuits and Tea,
one that will surely go down in every body's memory..

Another approriate heading for this post - Why some poems dont get published!! :D

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Back to School :) :) ??

U have heard that phrase before havent u? well i have too.. but what happened yesterday gave it a completely new meaning.. I was discussing with a friend of mine as to how happy and content do school going kids look.. the crux of the discussion was, that its best when we were kids, and were in School.. To which, my friend jokingly suggested...

"Why dont u take admission in Class Nursery???"

A statement, an idea , a feeling which seemed awesome to mee!!!! I say why cant we take admission in School once again :) There aint no rule stopping u from doing that, is there?? U'll crack the written, u'll crack the interview.. and u obviously wud be 4+( thats the basic age requirement :D ) So then, why not :)

Years of joyful living once again :)

The House is now open for discussion :) Lets see what others think abt this :)

P.S : U r not allowed to get too practical when u post ur comment.. Dont say "oh u have to start earning now, and so on!" or any of that , just flow with the emotion.. of going back to Class Nursery :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The 2:00 am Conversation

Heyy, guess what, i already found my first unimportant topic to post!

The following is an excerpt from a Yahoo Messenger Conversation between me and my Friend Deepti.. this was a time, when both of ur were getting really bored in our holidays, and had nothing better to do than come up with the following conversation.. Read On..

The 2:00 am Conversation -

raja_prateek : so wat else?
deepti_gupta : kuch nahi ya..
deepti_gupta : velagiri..
raja_prateek :ya how can there be kuch bhi
deepti_gupta : tu bata
raja_prateek : there are things to tell when u do something the whole day
raja_prateek : No how can u describe Velagiri
raja_prateek : main kya bataun
raja_prateek : Nothing as such
raja_prateek : tu koi particular Q pooche to bataun
deepti_gupta : he bhagwan
raja_prateek : well ya u can say i talk a lot
deepti_gupta : u do no doubt
raja_prateek : I do no doubt
raja_prateek : i solve no doubt
raja_prateek : of y friends
raja_prateek : *of my friends
raja_prateek : Thats was the Worst PJ ever
deepti_gupta : it ws definitely
raja_prateek : see i am intelligent :)
raja_prateek : i know wat is wat
raja_prateek : and wat is no wat
raja_prateek : *not
deepti_gupta : maaf kar ya
raja_prateek : Watt is the Unit of Electricity
raja_prateek : actually Watt Hour is
raja_prateek : Kilo Watt Hour
deepti_gupta : i dnt wanna knw
raja_prateek : u dont wanna know wat???
deepti_gupta : wat r u sayin?? i cnt make head or tail out of it
raja_prateek : Head or Tail are the 2 sides of a coin..
raja_prateek : actually Head and Tail
raja_prateek : Give up Deepti
deepti_gupta : yeah i knw dats wat m sayn
raja_prateek : Give up
deepti_gupta : both sides of d coin
raja_prateek : Give up, say u Lose
raja_prateek : then i'll stop
raja_prateek : LOSER
deepti_gupta : i wnt
raja_prateek : L-)
raja_prateek : Okkkkkk
deepti_gupta : :-P
raja_prateek : so wat was ur name again...
raja_prateek : Deepti
deepti_gupta : yes
raja_prateek : u know PTI is a News Agency
raja_prateek : and when u say it with a lot of Flair, u say
deepti_gupta : i knw..wat do u hav 2 say about dat nw
raja_prateek : The PTI
deepti_gupta : the pti
deepti_gupta : dat is deepti
raja_prateek : or Dee PTI
deepti_gupta : thanx..
raja_prateek : DEEPTI
raja_prateek : Thats How u got ur name
deepti_gupta : i gt it b4 u told me
raja_prateek : Aunty being an English Hons Grad
deepti_gupta : u loser
raja_prateek : was talking to Uncle this One ORNING
raja_prateek : mORNING
deepti_gupta : ya m listenin
raja_prateek : over this News article that was there in the Newspaper
deepti_gupta : noooooooooooooooooooooo
deepti_gupta : bachao mujhe is paagal se
raja_prateek : so she said, " Oh How Lovely, this artile is by Dee PTI" !!!
raja_prateek : To which Uncle said
raja_prateek : Ohhh
raja_prateek : know what
raja_prateek : it sounds nice
raja_prateek : we'll name our Second Child that
raja_prateek : Dee PTI
deepti_gupta: dats cool
raja_prateek : and if we have a third one, we'll name him Dee TOI !!
deepti_gupta : nt dat bad actually
deepti_gupta : bas nw shut up



i-dout : The Story Behind the Name

Although it may seem as a natural acronym of the name of the Blog, but on delvin deeper, u will realise that the name was meant to be "I Doubt"!, but because of me not being able to find a word beginning with "B" to fit in before 'Topics', and also the fact that i-doubt is a name that is already taken..

Newez, i guess, u spell 'doubt' differently, when the 'douts' are not Important :)

First Post! and this is Important :)

Well here's the concept behind this Blog.. U know how world over there are events happening by the second, how there are so many important instances in our day to day life, how u simple stay so occupied thinking about all that has happened and all that is there in the pipeline.. This Blog is meant to Discuss NONE of that... (i know you cud see that coming, but still had to dramatise it a little :) )

So the Big Question is , what is this Blog meant for??? Now, that is a question that will be answered once things get underway on this Blog.. Trust me there are many intricate things that happen, which people simply dont take notice of, but we, we are here to discuss just that!

Keep the Posts Coming,
Happy Blogging :),