Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Back to School :) :) ??

U have heard that phrase before havent u? well i have too.. but what happened yesterday gave it a completely new meaning.. I was discussing with a friend of mine as to how happy and content do school going kids look.. the crux of the discussion was, that its best when we were kids, and were in School.. To which, my friend jokingly suggested...

"Why dont u take admission in Class Nursery???"

A statement, an idea , a feeling which seemed awesome to mee!!!! I say why cant we take admission in School once again :) There aint no rule stopping u from doing that, is there?? U'll crack the written, u'll crack the interview.. and u obviously wud be 4+( thats the basic age requirement :D ) So then, why not :)

Years of joyful living once again :)

The House is now open for discussion :) Lets see what others think abt this :)

P.S : U r not allowed to get too practical when u post ur comment.. Dont say "oh u have to start earning now, and so on!" or any of that , just flow with the emotion.. of going back to Class Nursery :)