Saturday, December 29, 2007

Tea and Biscuits.. Made for Each other..

Tea and Biscuits

Tea and Biscuits,
What a combination,
It seems to be made in heaven,
Every bite is infinitely better when dipped in tea,
why it so happens is still a mystery,
be it Bourbon, Monaco or the omnipresent Parle G,
its something to dip a biscuit in tea..

Accidents do occur, its heartbreaking to see ur biscuit break in half,
but such is life, and thats why its best to forget about it with a laugh :)
No matter how many u eat, there is always a crave for some more,
and that is precisely what keeps happy the nearby kirane wala store :)

This was the story of Biscuits and Tea,
one that will surely go down in every body's memory..

Another approriate heading for this post - Why some poems dont get published!! :D