Monday, June 15, 2009

Forget It!

Forget it!

You are looking for a pen to take down that important detail somebody just gave you, but cant find it anywhere. You saw it just a while back , where could it have gone! You look in the drawer, on the table, under the mattress, behind the TV, but no luck, cant find it. Exasperated, you give up, look down upon yourself(literally)... and there it is! In that shirt you are wearing, clinged to the pocket, lies your prized possession!

This is the perennial problem which has bothered human race since ages. What starts with childhood continues through your formative years and accentuates as you grow up further only to reach its peak during old age.

Be it the name of the person you just met in the morning, the place where you kept your wallet, that password, or those important documents(which are a favourite by the way), it seems like we love to forget. Forgetting can potentially result in situations which are uneasy, uncomfortable, embarassing,funny and even nerving at times.

When the keys to your vehicle are lying right there in your drawer, but you cant seem to 'find' them there. Or how you are discussing this movie, and are reminded of that song from the movie, but cant really recall it. Or the innumerous number of times when you end up asking the same people the same questions again and again(So where is it that you study? what was the name of your company? so child which class did you get into this year?).

So as i sat thinking yesterday about what i was thinking the day before, i realized its difficult; its difficult to remember what i was thinking about the day before a day after i thought about it. Get it? nahh? oh, just forget it!

Monday, June 01, 2009



With summers around, we all resort to cool ways to keep ourselves fresh. One such refreshing way is to eat fruits. Cherries and mangoes and melons and litchis, fruits just 'fruiten' up your day.

But did you know this fact about Litchis? Litchis were first discovered/grown in the east. It was found in the highlands of the eastern province of Beijing in the year 1887. The fruit was discovered by two brothers who were testing various combinations of fruit seeds in their family farm, and discovered one day this brand new plantation. The fruit was then named after the two brothers who first grew it - Lee and Chi..

Now aint that some Litchi for thought?

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