Saturday, April 10, 2010

Crazy Date Night

Crazy Date Night

It was on the suggestion of my friend, that i went. Didn't know who it was gonna be till it was revealed while on the way to the place. Wasn't too sure about the whole thing even when i got to know about it, but that's ok. You've got to take chances in life.

Reached in the nick of time, she was already there. First look, not bad. Can't really say how her reaction was. I am bad at judging. Though, i am not sure if there was any. She was too engrossed in telling her side of the story. She talks, talks and talks some more. There is some silence in short gaps, and then she goes on. But i was not complaining or getting bored at all. Engrossed in just watching her. Its not like she was the most beautiful person ever, but just that she was quite interesting. 

A good half an hour into the conversation, i order - a Burger. Unusual choice? Weren't too many good options i say. So burger it was. She didn't have anything till later in the evening. Lots of more crazy conversation continued, where she spoke and i laughed on her jokes. 

Finally after an hour and 28 mins we called it a date(Not too sure if that's even a phrase). 

In entirety, Crazy Date Night. Short but nice. Burger was ok. Good fun in all. 


Oh, in case you are wondering who is being talked about. Then here's the link to her profile - (open in new window, so that you can come back and comment!)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Monday Blues

Monday Blues
Do read till the end

The fact that i am writing this on a Tuesday is because i spent all day yesterday fighting my Monday navy blues and searching all articles available on the net about the phenomenon.  To save you all the time, here is a comprehensive report on the same. Now you know why they call it what they call it. 

Theory 1 - 

Back in the 18th century, in the highlands of Scotland, farmers were supposed to work all day long from Monday to Saturday. Under the strict regime of the feudal lords, they were banished from leaving their home on the one day they got off in fear of them flocking to other villages for better opportunities.When the farmers got out of their homes and rejoined work after having spent a complete day in darkness, they were welcomed by the shiny blue sky, which kept changing shades as they worked through the day eventually to be termed 'Monday Blues'.

Theory 2 - 

Germans have always been very particular about the way they dress. In trying to bring uniformity amongst their 75,000 employees, one of the largest factories of their times Nichelieb Corp started a practice where all people in the organisation had to wear the same shade of Blue all days of the week. It came into effect on 1st April, 1919 and that day was a Monday. The city of Hamburg witnessed a Blue brigade across the city in trains, buses, trams and on the road. While people were bemused with the occurrence, it was only when it was splashed on the front page of the papers next day, touted as 'Monday Blues' making them realize what had happened. 

Theory 3 - 

When people sleep like a baby on a Sunday night after partying hard on Saturday, the retina behind the cornea relaxes more than usual. So when you wake up on Monday morning, the eyes create a blue layer in your vision making things look a little blurred  leading scientists to term it 'Monday Blues'

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Happy April Fools in advance :) Hope you are a smart person.